Tuesday, 19 December 2017


Writing for pleasure has been omitted from my priorities over the last 3 months. A combination of busy library days, an internship, meeting deadlines, whilst trying to maintain some form of social life and fitting in a solid 5 hours of sleep a night has proved to be quite the challenge. Not only this, but I've felt like my ability to think creatively has been lost, and my drive to write frequently has plummeted. Although I try to keep myself focused and withhold a positive outlook, this is not always achievable no matter how hard you try. It is normal human nature to have a blank mind from time to time.
So, Im coming back with something a little different. A poem reflecting my recent feelings of lacking the spark and inspiration I need to push me forward to finish all the deadlines I have over this Christmas. 
The feeling of being ineffectual is temporary, but what needs to be permanent is the ability to recognise this and use the period of being stuck in a rut as time to reflect and re-fuel in order to strive in the near future.


A lack of inspiration
I am searching but am yet to find
A fitting vocation
For this active yet dormant state of mind

Life is an amalgamation
Of the momentous eureka days
The whimsical wondering
Big achievements
And the curious, unstoppable phase

But also, those days which are not so good
The feeling of being stuck in a rut
Cornered in a web of bewildered thoughts
Dreaming big, yet asking yourself but,
What if these dreams are only to plunder?

I guess you will never know if you just sit back and wonder

A lack of inspiration
You may say lazy and un-driven
Society's judgement
On those who sit back and take what they are given
But just wait for it, their batteries are being charged

They will re-start their ignition. Making reality their dreams enlarged

Thank you so much for reading ♡

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