Monday, 25 September 2017

Summer Gains

As summer draws to a close, I am sitting here at the desk of my new room avoiding unpacking, and instead decided to reflect on this summer as a whole. Aside from the travel experiences and memories that I have made, a lot of changes have occurred over the past 3 months, and I really feel like I have gained a new sense of self belief and a boss attitude which I am ready to enforce into everything in this upcoming year at uni.


I have always had this perception of life being like a game, you win some and you lose some. The more you play the stronger of a player you become, and likewise in life, the more time you put into something and persevere, the more likely you are to figure out the underlining routes to the key to success. I thrive off people telling me that I can't do something, it gives me such a feeling of accomplishment to prove someone wrong, your haters should be your biggest motivators; hold your head up and show them that you are about to come after everything they said you would not have and achieve. Channel your inner Harvey Specter; "let them hate, just make sure they spell your name right". Although your own accomplishments are the paramount of importance, your success should be used to motivate others around you, its hard to get through the game as a single player so joining force to build up others and motivate is vital. I know how hard it is to get that first leg up into doing something that you’re in two minds about and so if there’s the opportunity to motivate someone into doing something that they love, I am here for it.


Despite being incapable of using Google maps, and getting lost everywhere, I currently feel in control of the direction of my current plans and future aspirations. After the confusion of first year, I finally feel like I am heading in the right direction to grab my goals by the hand. If someone had told me a month ago that I would have my writing featured in a magazine or that my blog would gain over 3500 views in just over a month, I would have praised them on their ability to crack some banter, but it just goes to show that the possibilities are endless if you ignore the voice in your head which tries to deter you. The size of your goals are only restricted by the limit you place on them yourselves.

Faith in God and myself

I have reached a point in my life in which I know that I am capable of more than I have previously given myself credit for. It is with the power and guidance of God that I am in the position I am in today, I have taken things for granted in the past without giving back thanks to the person that has ultimately provided me with everything.
People often have an issue with someone being confident in themselves with both how they look and if they’re living life in the fast lane. Confidence is often stigmatised with being arrogant, but personally, I find confidence to be the most attractive trait. There is a significant difference in the definition of these two terms, and I have no problem in holding my hand up to say that after all the years of being unconfident, slightly shy, overweight and having braces, I AM FEELING MYSELF. God added a touch of Gold to everyone so don’t be afraid to sparkle, and in the words of Bruce lee, “always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it”. A copy of something is always less exciting than the original, so you do you and keep the faith.


Taking a step back to count your blessings in your current position rather than asking for more, and learning to let little insignificant matters slide. Within the western world I feel we are all guilty of amplifying minor issues; from complaining that you can't find an outfit in a whole wardrobe of clothes, to being without Wi-Fi for a day, these are all problems which are irrelevant when looking at the bigger picture. My trip to India was a real eye opener for me in seeing the tenacity of people who had near to nothing, seeing a child’s face light up if I gave them even 20 rupees actually broke my heart to see how something so small could mean so much to someone. I am guilty of spending a lot of money on clothes, travelling and going to restaurants, but it is important to remember that these aren’t the most important things and that the tables could turn at any time. Without the incredible work ethic of my Mum and Grandparents, I would not be in the position I am today.


I am at the happiest that I have been in a long time. There is not one major factor influencing this but rather many small things, which have created this feeling of uttermost positivity and fulfilment. From all the support that I have received for starting this blog, to securing an internship at a Newspaper company, officially mastering my guacamole recipe, and having the best family and friends around me. I am so ready to smash out this year at Uni and cannot wait to see what the year will bring both academically and socially.

Thank you so much for reading ♡


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