Saturday, 19 August 2017

Shine bright like a diamond.

Amongst all the white swans, always stay searching for the black swan. In a world which is so heavily dominated by social media and image, it is easy to feel marginalised and become forced into feeling that these social ‘ideals’ are mandatory. However, if the whole world were the same colour or texture, and was inhabited by people who dressed, spoke, lived and ate the same there would be no dimension. You should aim to live your life for the minority i.e. for yourself, not attempting to put on a facade or performance for the many. 

By spending your time trying to prove your worth to someone else you are just devaluing yourself in the process. Not everything in life is everyone’s cup of tea. If everyone had the same tastes and interests there would be no sense of originality or competition. If one person doesn’t particularly like a certain model of car, that does not cause the value of the car to depreciate, and similarly, an individuals value will not decrease just because someone can't see their full value. There will always be people that will be able to see your true potential, and everything that it is worth.  

Nevertheless, self worth is something that is almost wholly intrinsic; you can’t rely on external factors to boost this. Until you, yourself, fully believe that you are an absolute boss; you can’t expect others to completely believe this, as the opinion that you hold of yourself is what radiates to others.
Having a low feeling of self worth can sabotage your mind. If something doesn’t work out, don’t take it personally; I am a firm believer that God closes doors because they were not supposed to be opened in the first place. This doesn’t mean that you should be afraid to push the boundaries; it means that you need to have faith in yourself in that you are fully equipped to handle the consequences when things do not go to plan.

For me, the most important component to understanding your self worth is accepting responsibility for your actions, but also not overly justifying the mistakes of others. My best and worst character trait is that I never want to see the bad side in people, so I will justify their actions for the way they have treated me when its their mistake. But while it is important to take responsibility of your past in order to learn and grow, it is just as worthwhile to ensure that you do not allow yourself to become a doormat. It takes great strength to be able to put your middle finger in the air and walk away from situations, which do not have your best interest and peace of mind at heart. Stay grounded in your values and morals, because ultimately, the only person that you have for life in this world is yourself.

So, to conclude, do not obtain your image of your own self worth from the viewpoint of others, as by doing this, you are guaranteed to let it slip. Be that orange sapphire in the midst of all the blue. Stay sassy, savvy and slay in your own lane, because after all, the original manuscript of a book always holds the most worth, so why strive to be a copy?

Thank you so much for reading ♡


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