Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Living in the present

Yesterday was the past, and tomorrow is a complete mystery; you never know what is just around the corner so live in the present moment, because what might happen next is uncertain. A friend recently told me a story, which has been playing on my mind and has really opened my eyes to see that we take the concept of “tomorrow” for granted. It is so easy to say, “oh ill put that off till tomorrow” but who knows what the circumstances of tomorrow will be.
You never know what is about to be on the next page in a book, it could be a complete plot twist, you need to stay fully engaged, put all of your energy into the present, being wholly focused on the most important values and people in your life at the moment because it can all be taken away in a blink of an eye.

You shouldn’t hold yourself back from things because you think they might not work out, just do whatever feels right in that present moment because you don’t know what is going to happen in a day, week, month or year.  Don’t ruin the potential positives in today by thinking about and holding on the negatives from yesterday, life is too short to be living in the past. Literally fuck what other people have to say, if you want to talk to someone just do it, if you want to go to Nandos for lunch and then eat dominos for dinner just do it, if there’s an internship you’re hesitant to apply for just send your cv anyway, why spend time guessing the outcome of something and thinking what if, if you can find out for yourself by being practical about it.
The future is a daunting open chapter, and of course we live for today to make a better future for ourselves. From the day we were brought into this world our Parents, Teachers and society draw a map of our future. We go to school to attain good grades, to allow us to go to university in order to get a degree, to then work for the large majority of our lives. But amongst this structured foundation its just as worthwhile to take a step back from the ultimate goal and to just live in the present moment because you will never get this time back again, and whilst you may be sitting in your empire in the future completely fulfilled with what you have achieved, a part of you may regret that you didn’t take up all the opportunities that were given to you along your journey. There will always be opportunities to gain more qualifications and get higher paid jobs, but there may not be the opportunity for you to go on a society event with friends at university again, or go on a night out three nights in a row, so if you’re in two minds, just push yourself to do it.

So, in conclusion, of course life is built upon a series of milestones, but amplify the good in day-to-day events no matter how small or irrelevant they may seem. Your life isn’t a dress rehearsal, there is no trial run, if you live in the present, there is no comparison level, you’re living according to how you want to today not by how you wish you could, or what the negatives of tomorrow may bring. If you want to change something, the best time is now. So just take the trip, eat the pasta and cake; life is too short to be wishing that you had.

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