Sunday, 6 August 2017

India in one sentence

The number one rule when visiting India; there are no rules. From the crazy driving, to the abundance of cows crossing the roads, the sound of car horns which are guaranteed to give you a head ache at some point or other, to describe India as 'bustling' would be an understatement. Having travelled to various countries and continents, I have always been magnetised to Asia. There is something about the carefree lifestyles, small markets which were built to rip you off, street food, and never knowing quite what is around the corner which always leaves me wanting more. And so, this year I decided to return back to India, however this time, unlike my previous visits which have solely entailed Punjab, I travelled across both the North and South in order to fully gage what India is made of. When writing this post, it proved to be a challenge to be able to condense my description of India into a concise piece, to me, organisation and India seem to be juxtaposing concepts. And so, it is my mission to sum up India in one sentence.

The burst of colours, the plethora of animals freely roaming the streets, the rickshaw drivers beckoning you at every opportunity, the luxury hotels, the slums, the serene temples, the traffic lights which are used only as a decoration piece, the chana masala and paneer, the bindis, the flower garlands, the infamous Delhi belly, the hospitality of people, the saris, the selfie-crazed locals who were always wanting a photo, the Indian head shake, the kerala sunsets, the overcrowded buses and the people hanging out of trains, the backwaters, the sound of hindi, the Pandits, the markets, the mountains and hills, the 15 people squeezing into one car, the snake charmers, the feeling of your life flashing before your eyes as you cling onto a local trying not to get hit by a car, rickshaw or cow whilst crossing the road, the being ripped off, the aloo prathas everyday for breakfast, the tenacity of both adults and children alike, the kathak dancing, the Mughal influences, the mouth fresheners at every meal, the tea plantations, the rubbish on the street, the royal palaces, the streets of chandni chawk, the chanting of mantras, the children playing, eating, showering and sleeping on the streets, the pani puri, the traditionalism of Rajasthan, the loud Bollywood (and sometimes Justin Bieber) music, the Ayurveda treatments, the turbans, the gulab jaaman and Gajar ka Halwa, the lady pouring drinking water into peoples mouths on the side of the road, the masala chai containing 10 sugars, the decorated trucks, the people knocking at your car window begging for money, the Ganesh Ji statues at every corner, the bamboo being used in construction, the flies sitting on your food, the going to bed thinking you've seen it all, and then the waking up to realise that what you've just seen was only just the beginning.

So I did it, there's my description of India in one sentence. Never did I say it would be a short sentence, but after all, a sentence is just a set of words which contains a subject, and so for that reason, I think I was successful.

Below is a video that I made of the trip, featuring some serious side eye (the end is sarcasm I don't think I'm a movie producer)

Thank you so much for reading/watching ♡



  1. This just made me so emotional over India, summed it up perfectly!

  2. Awesome video, full of raw truth ��


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